Coin Collector Groups

Welcome to our web site.

Coin Collector Groups have been set up by like minded individuals who aim to offer great advice and also fair prices to the community.

By having great group owners and also strict guidelines we are able to offer a greater sense of security for all the members.

Furthermore, through our choices we have also managed to source reputable Coin dealers and Banknote Sellers.
We also have Associated services like custom work and plating with various precious materials.

We also have people who supply materials to aid you in your numismatic pursuits such as capsules, albums and boxes.

And don’t forget that we also have great bargains in our own weekly Admin Auction Room.


We pride ourselves on having great people in our groups, each filtered through our select membership questionnaire which has been designed to weed out potential scammers and trouble makers. Check out our Ban List Page

Below is a list of recommended Facebook groups.

Each group has been hand picked to offer the widest range of choice we can find to enhance your numismatic experiences.

All of these group pages are run by members of the Coin Collector Group.

The Coin Collector Group is a partnership of Trustworthy, and Experienced Coin Traders.

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