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Welcome to the Coin Collectors Members Auction Room Page.


Members Auctions end on Fridays
Saturday and Sunday are clean up days.

Upload items for viewing Tuesday to Friday
(earlier the better for pre-bidding)

All auctions end between 21:00pm and 22:00pm
At the Auctioneers discretion.

The Auctioneers word is final.


Rules are simple

Please follow this layout.

Your Name

Lot Number (if necessary)

Auction Item Description

  • With/Without Reserve?
  • Minimum Increments of?
  • Post Included or Not Included?

Add any information you find relevant.

Start Price? (maybe half the reserve price or no reserve)

End Time? (may be staggered between 21:00pm and 22:00pm)

End Date? (always on a friday)



We operate a zero tolerance environment.

  • Anyone disrupting auctions
  • Anyone being a nuisance
  • Anyone bidding without intention to pay
  • Anyone that smells really bad

will be removed and blocked without warning.


Thank you and Good luck bidding