You may have noticed there has been a certain amount of bitching from some groups that i used to admin.
Well in case you dont realise it – they are talking about me.

and this is why …

I was running an auction in my group and one of the items was an EU 50P.
The bidding went up to £25.50 when some lunatic called Karl Patman jumped on the auction saying you can buy this at Westminster for £20.

I deleted his comment and before i could speak to him he posted direct links twice on my group while the auctions were running. I deleted them and kicked him from group.

Straight away, He went running to Kier Clements Group and posted on his group wall that i was selling stuff over priced. I am guessing that they were CCUK Buddies, but i won’t say anymore about that.

His post started gathering momentum and more people were getting involved and agreeing with him and slating me even though they did not know who it was, that Karl Patman was talking about. The post was on the wall for well over an hour when i decided to say my piece.

Well Kier Clement didn’t like that i had totally changed the tide on the poster and deleted the post whithin about 5 seconds flat.

I told him that he should ban Karl Patman because if he was going to do that once he would do it again but Kier Clement had already decided that Karl was in the right and was not really interested in hearing any other side of the story.

So i let it go

In another incident. There was a post in English coins for sale by Darran Smith.
Darren Smith was apparently selling coins that did not come with a CEO. I presumed this was a typo until he posted another item without a CEO.

So i posted a comment that the correct term is COA not CEO. Not unless the coin didn’t come with a Chief Executive Officer.

His reply was to tell me how great he was and that he had sold loads of coins.

To which i replied sarcastically “WHOOPEE”

Next thing i know he is inboxing me :


By this time i was banning him from all the groups because i thought, if this was the way he was talking to me, then imagine how he must be talking to other people. Usually this type of person talks to the ladies like that and that’s when the complaints roll in.

He carried on

im here
xxxxxxxxxxx (edited)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (edited) leeds pussy
c u soon
u started
getting hard noe fk off
lol u carnt pussy

He then goes into English Coins and starts screaming that he has been dropped from certain groups.

I tried to speak to the admin of the English coins for sale group but to no avail as the only one that was around had been drinking and could not deal with the matter.

So i posted a comment saying :
“Buyer Beware”
and pasted the messages he had sent to me in the comments.

Come the Morning Marc had gotten involved and in the end i did get a half assed apology but he was allowed to remain in the group.
I understand that. There was a few people that had bought stuff off this guy and kicking him would have probably caused more problems.

So i let it go.

Well obviously, he ran off to Kier Clements group with his tale between his legs having been made to apologise.
I can only presume at what story he fed Kier with but Kier was already biased over Karl Patman and Darran Smith was doing him a “great deal” on some gold.

So it was easier for him to blame me.

So anyway – i let it go.

A few days later, there had not been much activity in the All coins and Notes group. I noticed that a guy had posted 5 or 6 items at really high prices.
These prices were well over Ebay Buy it now prices. And this guy was obviously trying his luck, but i figured that its best that i did not get involved as a shadow had already been cast over my character and i figured that Admin would sort it out anyway.

Two days later, these posts were still active and when someone commented on one of the items, (it was a £5 coin “100 poppies” for sale at £25 and even ebay buy it now was £18.99) and said that it was a nice coin. I could not hold my opinion and said “yes but a bit overpriced”.

Kier Clement got stuck in again. Anyone can put whatever price they want its up to them is basically what he said

To which i replied “hey its your group if you want posts like that in your group then who am i to say different”
He then proceeded to tell me that i was also guilty of overcharging on items (remember the Auction story)

To which i replied that his information is incorrect and it was an auction and i asked him if he really expected me to stop an auction because someone had bid over the price that they could go and buy it for from the Westminster site.

Now anyone with half a brain, would know that no one is ever going to do that!.

My frustration with Kier Clement was reaching its peak and i told him if he thinks that, then he is an idiot.

Well that was it – i was banned from the group and blocked (and i am the power crazy one?)

Once i was kicked he posted this message to the group :

“Darren woods has removed from this group because I stated too him that he had sold coins at over the price as he had given a dig too a member for overpricing something that he may not have known the price off. He has put me on his ban list for this so now he is banned from this group. If anybody had done any deals with him then please contact him by pm and I hope you got a fair price. Thanks for reading”

I had not at that time put him on any ban list (that did not happen until hours later when i finished setting up the new group). so basically he was lying to cover his ass!

I then noticed that i had been kicked from the Pre-decimal group that i had built up with Tower64 (Mark Carpenter)
I wondered why Mark was not replying to any of my messages previously and now i know why. Mark had not said a word to me, but i did notice that the new admin was the same as the All Coins and Notes Admin including Kier Clement which to me explained a lot.

All my work had gone to waste – all my contacts that i had put forward in building up that Pre-decimal group and also the 50p collectors group and the Two pound collectors group had been used to build up their groups and i was kicked from them all without a word from Mark Carpenter.
(don’t take my word for it check out the members list and you will see all the members that i added as well as all the people that i encouraged to go to those groups from my own)

I was fuming, so i started my own Pre-decimal coins group using my contacts and my artwork that i had used for their groups (not their contacts, that i was supposed to be ‘taking’)

That obviously wasn’t enough for them though as they started critiscing me again in another open post in their group, encouraging people to take up their fight.
Well one such person that wanted to get them selves involved was the Mastermind Brian Harrison, but Brian made the mistake , 3 hours later by coming into my group to try and slate me for adding Kier Clements and Mark Carpenter to my Ban List.

He was not aware that i had already seen his involvement in their conversation 3 hours earlier and when he decided to come into my group and start slating me it was obviously with every intention of sticking his big nose where it was not wanted.

So i kicked him from the group also.

But hey that was not enough for him – he then decided to make comments in another group – where this was our conversation :

Brian Harrison :
if your kicking me out of one group you might as well go the whole hog and remove me from here as well,it would seem free speech isnt allowed in your groups

Darren Woods :
oh but its allowed in yours? you better get back there you left your tongue up Marks ass

Which he did and all three started slating me again in their cosy little ‘menage a trois’

You are all really brave slating me behind my back aren’t you. Claiming that i am the one that is power crazy and an ego maniac.
When really the truth is that you are complete assholes that couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery.
I will not have people lying about me and trying to damage my reputation and not retaliate.

Well here is my retaliation and the truth about the matter!

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