In order to make use of this method of valuing your items you will need to have access to an Ebay account.

1) Firstly log in to your account
2) In the search bar at the top of the page, type the item or description of the item you are trying to ascertain a value for.

When you are happy that your ‘search results’ are finding the item that you wish to value…

3) Select the advanced tab to the right of the search and tick sold listings. (This will show how much the item that you have is generally selling for).

Coin Collector Valuations

The prices items sell for can be quite varied – so i would suggest taking a note of the prices listed and considering an average amount.

This method will give you a ball park figure of how much your item may achieve if it were sold through Ebay.

You would then need to factor in eBay charges and Paypal charges if utilised.